Apple announces iPhone

So Apple announced their iPhone today…. hmm…. it looks promising. They have kept with the sleek and stylish look of all the iPods and did away with the keyboards of the Blackberry’s and company.

It runs with OSX and supports widgets as well as other things (and by other things I do mean iTunes – how could they not have this thing be an mp3 as well). I found a link that has many pictures of the presentation made by Apple, take note of the picture that shows Al Gore as a contact in the phone (I’m guessing it’s Steve Jobs phone – what a name dropper ;).  – Check out these pictures and decide for yourself if you like what you see.

 Some have noticed some major downfalls with the iPhone, like The low battery life makes no sense, the whole point of a cell phone is so you can use it to make and recieve calls. Anyhow hopefully Apple will work throught these bugs before releasing it in Canada.

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2 Responses to Apple announces iPhone

  1. Ray Baxter says:

    Scoble’s comment about the 2 hour battery life is contradicted by Apple’s tech specs which claim 5 hours talk or video time.

  2. Snexlex says:

    I hope this will make my Steve Jobs stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂

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