Microsoft and Wikipedia

So I was reading TechCrunch Blog and they posted on Microsoft trying to pay someone to change their wikipedia entry. The people over at TechCrunch however did describe the hapennings in a neutral light though, also quoting the Microsoft PR person with their side of the story.

Apparently Microsoft (from what they say) tried to change some of the entries (the stuff they say IBM wrote) the more legit way, through Wikipedia themselves. TechCrunch only found 1 entry in the edit page from them so that story kind of fell through (unless Microsoft can prove otherwise, ie: phone calls to Wikipedia, emails etc.).

Anyhow got me thinking about Wikipedia and if I really actually like it. I’m not sure… yeah it is great with the community and sharing of information, but isn’t there enough people out there with misinformation to mess up some topics or some businesses (granted Microsoft is a huge corporation, but think of a smaller business being slammed on their Wikipedia page and people taking it as truth when it is just misinformaton).

On the other hand Wikipedia is a one stop information shop with a lot of truthful information, just see Robert Scoble’s comments on his own Wiki (which he does not edit) — sidenote: by the way congrats to Robert on being Forbe’s 9th Internet celebrity, and I agree with him that Dave Winer should have been mentioned, but it is a list about celebrities not necessarily important/impactful people.—

I wonder if other people are torn on Wikipedia, but there has been a solution presented by a web comic, but I don’t think it will catch on.

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    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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