Outsourcing Options

Outsourcing has been a buzzword of the tech industry for the past couple of years, but only lately have everyday people realized the issues behind outsourcing. After all, who hasn’t been on hold on a customer service line, only to be transferred to a call center in India? Annoying? Maybe. But at least you get a person on the other end, which is more than can be said for many large companies, who prefer to have their customers press countless buttons and listen to recorded messages instead of getting the help they need.

Whether or not you think outsourcing is a good idea personally, there are many pros and cons to outsourcing some aspect of your business operations. In the hi-tech sector, when tasks can be compartmentalized and distributed, this can work quite well. Your techies in one area in the world are working while your others are sleeping, creating a 24 hour work day. Ideal, right? You get twice as much work done as you normally would, right? Maybe. In fact, many businesses learn quickly that managing geographically diverse work teams can take as much time as doing the tasks themselves. Not to mention the cost of hiring and training these teams.

To address this issue, we have put together a panel discussion, which will take place at Massive 2007. Each of our panelists have a different take on outsourcing: who should do it, how you do it, and the lessons they have learned along the way.

 Have a story or an opinion about outsourcing? Let us know!


4 Responses to Outsourcing Options

  1. mumbaiKar says:

    Here are some excellent communication skills tips for dealing with your offshore team members.

    We use TCS, Satyam, and Covansys. Getting the offshore memebrs to Say NO takes some training. But it is critical for building a lasting relationship. Read on.

  2. Gordon Ross says:

    As the Creator of Net Nanny and other Biometirc technology I was approached many times to outsorce our work. While it may work for some, I saw great issues from a Customer service, Intellectual Property protection and Project management.

    When I looked at the potential cost savings that might have been gained by going to well known countries offering this type of servlce, I found the ultimate cost of developing with in Canada was not much different that if I had gone overseas.

    A couple of major benefits and more impotantly were; we operated in the same time zone and we were able to maintain “tight” control over our Intellectual Property.

  3. zynga says:

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