Thoughts on Web 3.0

Warren Frey, Technology Blogger,

The Expert: Warren Frey, Technology Blogger,

Definition of Web 3.0: Web 1.0 consisted of simple static pages. Web 2.0 brought dynamic applications, rich media and subscription to RSS feeds to the browser. Web 3.0 is so new that no-one has really nailed down a clear definition, but every indication is that it will transform the World Wide Web into a smarter, faster, and more intuitive platform for information and interaction.

Elaborate: For some, Web 3.0 is the “semantic web,” where ordinary language can be used for complex searches. Other versions of Web 3.0 link “real world” geography to the web, or try to integrate the 2D web with 3D graphics. Web 3.0 probably will consist of parts of all these innovations, but far more likely is a turn in a direction we never could have predicted. But every one of these changes will present new challenges and opportunities for web users and businesses.

How it will affect business: Web 3.0 is presently a buzzword that hasn’t yet gained traction in the business world, because no-one can actually agree on what it means. But just as Web 2.0 defined this generation of tech start-ups and influenced the decisions of goliaths like Yahoo and Google, the coming of Web 3.0 will also mean new features for business to wrap its head around and eventually monetize, or they’ll be left behind in the next tech boom.


3 Responses to Thoughts on Web 3.0

  1. tologix says:

    Excellent conversation starter on how things have evolved from Web1 to Web2 and now Web3. The key is exactly how you have stated it: “Web 3.0 will also mean new features for business to wrap its head around and eventually monetize, or they’ll be left behind in the next tech boom” … I continue to read how so many have tried to put a business model behind this technology… I can go on and on about ontologies and the semantic web and what it means to knowledge workers….

  2. simplify3 says:

    A good definition one possible future for Web 3.0.

    But I think Web 3.0 will be less about technology (although there will be definitely technology behind things) but rather, it’ll be about PEOPLE AND THEIR IDEAS.

    See my thoughts on it here:

  3. srmsofttech7 says:

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