Sponsored listing: Navigata demolishes preconceptions with “Small Business Complete”


It might not be on any mission statements, but many major communications service providers seem to have taken Newton’s third law as gospel. When things are operating smoothly, you can’t escape the barrage of flyers and emails reminding you of new products or “crucial” upgrades. Should things begin to go south however, you’re looking at hours of navigating tech support phone menus and listening to on-hold elevator music, praying for real human contact.

Navigata, a SaskTel company, has built a reputation by combining customized data, voice and Internet solutions with superior support from real live experts, and they’ve challenged Sir Isaac to a showdown in the interest of frustrated business owners everywhere. The mission? To share seamless, customized communications solutions and support, allowing businesses to save time and money, and focus on what they do best. The ammo? The Small Business Complete (SBC) system.

A full-service communications provider headquartered in North Vancouver, Navigata has been at the forefront of the industry for over fifty years. With Small Business Complete, they’ve created a dynamic and scalable system that provides solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses tired of running the technological gauntlet forced upon them by other major providers.

Tailored specifically to each business, SBC combines secure data networking with economical Voice-over-IP. Other features like secure access, reinforced network security, instant addition of services and devices, and automatic/transparent software upgrades and configuration backups can nearly eliminate once-inevitable downtime and improve productivity.

If you’d like a taste of what Small Business Complete has to offer, check out their booth at the Massive Technology Show, taking place April 1st under the sails of Vancouver’s Canada Place.  Test-drive the SBC system with a free phone call to anywhere. If you like what you hear, just ask and you could get an extra $100 off your SBC service. That’s on top of their current promotion of free installation for new customers.

For more information on Navigata Small Business Complete and promotions, visit their tradeshow booth (#321), or check them out online at: http://www.navigata.ca/tradeshow.


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